Marni Basto

I couldn’t recommend the team at Good Hands more highly. I have two children aged 2yo and 4yo going to school here and every day they arrive so excited to see their friends and teachers. All the carers provide individualised care and are very attentive to each child’s needs. Additionally they are always open to suggestions and trying to improve their processes.

Many times my two year old has gone to bed at night telling me how much he “loves” a particular teacher and it fills my heart with joy.
With busy work schedules it is such a relief to arrive here to friendly faces and see the kids run off to play yelling and waving “Bye Mum”. This was a very different experience to our previous child care.
Each day we receive 5-10 (sometimes more) photos of the kids. We also get an extensive update at least weekly on Storypark of the activities the children have done that week. They also engage the children in book-week and recently they dressed up and made cupcakes for parents to purchase to raise money for Cancer Council day. They also had a great pyjama party recently.
I couldn’t be more happy with the care my kids have received. I honestly can’t believe what the children get to do and learn at this age compared to when I went to preschool. Thank you to the Good Hands team, you are all fabulous.

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