Helen Easton

My son has been attending Good Hands 3 days a week since February. He absolutely loves it. On days off he asks if he can go to ‘his school’.

He had made lovely friends – who run to greet him in the morning and he is well loved by the staff too. He comes home happy and contented each evening. This is all the credit of the lovely staff at the centre and the wonderful environment. The children have such a peaceful space to play in with natural shade and plenty of outside space.
The centre value visitors and both the fire service and police have been with the kids allowed to see inside emergency vehicles and learn about their jobs. Other daily activities are varied and creative and include sport, cooking, craft, and educational preschool preparation. The food at Good Hands is prepared fresh everyday and the children eat together exploring new tastes. This I really value as my son tries new things and comes home satisfied and willing to experiment. The greatest strength of the centre are the passionate child centred staff. We receive a warm greeting every morning and a genuinely caring good bye every evening. We are so happy to have found a place here in quiet South Turramurra where our little person is thriving. Thank you!

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