Everything about this Centre is great.Thank you for looking after my child.

I have two children enrolled at Good Hands and I am thrilled with the care they provide.
The owner (Mary) and Director (Moshid) are supported by a fantastic team of educators. It has an intimate feel – all the children are treated like family – but the centre still offers all the experiences of a much bigger daycare organization.

Well done to all the staff at Good Hands, together you have created a very special place.

My 2 kids both enjoy every moment they spent at Good Hands.
The playground is big. There is a outdoor playing area with canopy, which allows kids to have outdoor activities even when the weather is wet.
They have professional learning programs for the kids at different levels.
The educators are kind and patient and they really love the kids.
It’s very important for my children when they can feel being loved, not only at home, but also at childcare.
Thank you Good Hands, for taking care of my kids so well!

My son has loved coming to Good Hands daycare for over a year now. It is a lovely daycare with lots of room for the kids to play outside. The staff are caring and the centre has a nice community feel.

I found the atmosphere of Good Hands very happy and friendly. The educators support the children’s need very well. They care about children hygiene and it looks like a big family. Thank you Good Hands

I highly recommend this daycare . Staff is good and caring especially if you child need extra care.

Both my kids went to Goodhands the quality of care is great as they look at individual needs of every child!! My kids really enjoyed their time at Goodhands and didn’t want to leave ! The environment is also great as they have a big backyards and a large hall for the kids to run around .

We are really happy with their service and supports. Highly recommend, specially if your child needs a real care and attention.

My son has been attending Good Hands 3 days a week since February. He absolutely loves it. On days off he asks if he can go to ‘his school’.


My son has been attending Good Hands for a few months now. I would highly recommend it. The staff are lovely and create a very supportive and nurturing


Britta is firm but kind with the children and has a genuine interest in teaching the children and fostering their love of learning. Her posts are always interesting too.


Good Hands is lucky to have Tanya. She is firm but very loving with the kids as well as enthusiastic and fun. She is a great parent teacher coordinator and is very responsive.