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Children are our future. We need good leaders in all fields: politics, education, science, arts and sports. We believe that they have a mission to make a better, safer and a more peaceful world.  For these reasons, we want our children to develop into happy, balanced, active, educated adolescents and adults.

This journey starts at an early age. It is the behaviours and attitudes learnt in the first few years of our life that build the strong foundations necessary for the future. It is important for parents to find the most appropriate start in their child’s life. A suitable childcare centre has a crucial role in this process. We believe in building a positive, trusting, safe and welcoming centre that accepts everyone and encourages their differences as well as works with the community to utilise the environment we live in.

We believe that our childcare centre provides an age appropriate education within a caring, well-managed, safe environment. We aim to nurture our children to become more socially accepted, educated and successful men and women for our community, our country and the world. At Good Hands Long Day Care we believe in children using their skills and understandings to explore the natural surroundings, which aids in teaching them about respect and the world in which they live.

At Good Hands Long Day Care we believe and encourage children’s freedom to move and their ability to make their own decisions which form the foundation of our educational program by giving the children a chance to learn through their body and senses while exploring through their own play explorations.

Good Hands Long Day Care believes in creating a space that is directed by the children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for their own ideas and their own willingness to learn which allows for spontaneous planning and intentional teaching moments which assist in strengthening their social and emotional wellbeing.

Our aim is to have a safe, bias free and happy environment for our children. Our qualified staff will support and help children to expand their cognitive, social emotional, language and physical developments through free play and structured educational programs. We use up to date and age appropriate educational toys and books, appropriate indoor and outdoor programming, observations and evaluations to create a high quality care for the children.  We ensure our children respect Australian culture and values. Here at Good Hands Long Day Care, we acknowledge the Guringai people as the traditional custodians of the Darug land and we endeavour to discover more of the Aboriginal history as we embark on our reconciliation action journey.

Our Centre has an open door for parents and caregivers. They are always welcome to the second home of their children for as long as they wish. We always appreciate their advice, support and new ideas and experiences in improving our service to the children, families and our community. We abide by Australian NSW rules and regulations and our policies reflect this.

We believe that if you choose our childcare centre, you can be sure that you and your children will be in Good Hands.