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We’d all like our children to eat healthy, nourishing meals without the fuss – unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. But with a few simple tips and tricks, your little one could soon be asking for more veggies!

Meal times work best when there are no distractions – turning off the TV and putting away computers, phones and toys can help your child focus on eating what’s in front of them.

Eating together as a family or with friends gives your little one opportunity to see people around her trying different food, this encourages her to try them too!”

Aside from learning from how others eat, family meal times provide a good opportunity for children to feel included and in many cases, a chance to experience an important part of their family’s culture.

Working out whether a child doesn’t like what’s in front of them, or if they’re simply not hungry can be a tough one for mums and dads.

It can take 15-20 attempts for a child to accept new food – so don’t give up! But don’t force it either. Offering some of what you’re eating can be a nice introduction or pairing something new with a food you know they like.

Importantly, keep meal times relaxed and positive. As stressful as it might be if your little one doesn’t like their dinner, keeping your cool could be the difference between them trying something or refusing.

Long Day Care Centre | Child Care Centre | Good Hands

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Long Day Care Centre | Child Care Centre | Good Hands

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