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About the Centre

Good Hands Long Day Care provides an enriched and diverse learning environment that includes: 


  • A fundamental movement program

  • A music enrichment program

  • Language development including language classes such as Japaneses and 

  • A developmental record through our online platform, Storypark

  • Activities individually planned from the children’s interests and developmental level

  • Yoga

  • Dancing with Dance Tots

  • Cooking 

  • STEM 

  • Strong community connections 

A Fun and Dynamic Learning Experience that: 

  • Has a comprehensive set of policies in place as required under Education and Care Service National Regulations and National Law while ensuring they comply with relevant legislation

  • Has mechanisms  in place to maintain and improve service compliance 

  • Sets the strategic direction and monitors performance of the Center

  • Will provide effective governance to ensure excellent overall management of the Center’s business and financial objectives

  • Will delegate the implementation of the services strategic plan and day-to-day management of the Center to the service Nominated Supervisor. In discharging these powers, the Nominated Supervisor will be bound by all policies of the Center along with the guidelines governed to them by ACECQA