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Welcome to the ‘Good Hands’ Long Day Care

About Us

  • Homely and happy Environment
  • Mixed age groups (2-6 years old) allowing for more sibling interaction
  • Lower fee rates
  • Trained and experienced educators
  • Spacious classroom filled with natural light
  • Away form noise and air pollution
  • Plenty of car parking
Long Day Care Centre | Child Care Centre | Good Hands

Why Good Hands

  • Licensed for only 25 children daily
  • exceptional supervision
  • Stronger teacher to child bond
  • High quality individual care and attention
  • fewer cases of illnesses since your child is exposed to fewer children
Long Day Care Centre | Child Care Centre | Good Hands


Farid KamelFarid Kamel
09:25 17 May 24
Friendly, safe, and enjoyable environment for children, especially for Iranian children. The most important and satisfying thing is that our child really likes this kindergarten and wakes up every morning to love going to this kindergarten. I really recommend this kindergarten, especially to Iranian families
Julie SeongJulie Seong
21:32 22 Apr 24
I can’t explain how happy we are with Mahshid and the team. The effort and dedication they’ve made to make our little one welcome and safe is beyond words. It’s a guarantee that at pick up, our little one had an amazing day and was well looked after. Can’t recommend them enough!
03:10 09 Feb 24
I’m grateful for the incredible support Sophia received from Good Hands over the past year. Your positive influence played a big role in shaping her into a confident learner. Your dedication has made a lasting impact, and we truly appreciate it.
John Peter CaseyJohn Peter Casey
22:07 20 Dec 23
Caring and friendly staff who give their all to the children. There is consistently good quality feedback, updates and photos to see what happens on a day to day basis. We are very happy with Good Hands
Marina ZhuMarina Zhu
04:17 19 Dec 23
Both of my children are attending Goodhands and they are truly a great daycare centre. There is barely any staff turnover and all the educators genuinely enjoy their jobs.I would like to thank Goodhands for taking care of and helping my two children. Sophie started school when she was two and a half years old. At that time, Sophie was timid and afraid of strangers. She cried for several weeks at first. However, with the care and encouragement of the teachers, Sophie is now lively and cheerful, and more curious about life. She will often ask us what the principles behind some phenomena are. Jeremy started school at the age of two and adapted immediately. The teacher will take him to different interests and hobbies, see what he likes, and then encourage the child to complete it on his own.Goodhands attaches great importance to children's mental health, and often has some themes related to social phenomena or traditions of different countries to cultivate children's development in an all-round way.In fact, I believe that many parents are most worried about their children's safety, because it is impossible for children to avoid injuries or conflicts with other children while playing. At this time, the handling methods and attitudes of teachers and schools are very important. However, you can’t ask these questions on a tour. Only when your children go to school will you slowly feel and understand things when they encounter problems.In this regard, Goodhands is very responsible. Whether my two children fell down and were injured or had friction with other children, the teachers would take immediate measures and tell the parents. They never delay or shirk their responsibilities, and always take care of the children or resolve their conflicts as soon as possible.Finally, this daycare is actually opened by the owner Mary for her five grandchildren to come to school, so you can often see the owner adding things to the daycare and caring about the teachers and children.Hope my feedback can help you. Parents who want to send their babies to school should hurry up, this place is really good, and the waiting list will definitely get longer in the future.
Heather CaseyHeather Casey
08:20 19 Oct 23
I cannot recommend Good Hands enough! Our family have experienced a number of great daycares over our childrens early childhood but we found Good Hands for our youngest this year. It is a small group of kids run by engaging educators, who genuinely care about your child as an individual and their development. We have never felt so comfortable dropping off a little one because we know they will be cared for in a way that is as close to what they would get at home as you can get.
Haley KimHaley Kim
05:09 30 Jan 23
Good Hands is a brilliant place with warm, caring and professional staff. For obvious reason, I don't like places with high staff turnover. I believe all the educators were there for years which prove this is a good place to work as well. Whenever I go to the centre to pick my daughter up, I can tell from my daughter's and other children's face that they are really having so much fun at the centre. My daughter especially liked the spacious outdoor areas and water plays in hot summer days. I highly recommend Good Hands to parents looking for childcare in this area.

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